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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Energy from the ground beneath your feet!

Energy from the Sun and from rainfall is stored in the ground at a very consistent temperature throughout the year, even during the colder winter months. Ground Source Heat Pumps extract this energy for use in the home for domestic heating, the hot water supply or for external uses such as heating swimming pools or hot tubs.

A Ground Source Heat pump circulates a mix of water and antifreeze through a network of polyethylene pipes buried under the earth (horizontally or vertically depending upon the space available). The ground heat is absorbed and then pumped into a heat exchanger ready for use.

Because installation of this technology sometimes requires extensive ground works, it is often most suitable for new build projects.

Benefits of a Ground Source Heat Pump:

At Apollo Green Energy we supply a range of Ground Source Heat Pumps for external installation.

Ground Source Heat Pumps installed at residential dwellings can also benefit from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme to be introduced during 2011, where householders will receive financial incentives for installing a renewable heat technology.

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